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Created: 07/03/2020

Updated: 20/03/2020

Following today’s Government announcement regarding gyms, leisure activities and activities involving children, the facilities management group have taken the decision to pause all activities at Oaks Park School as of now, until further notice.


We will be back to training as soon as we can and will keep you updated along the way.


We wish you all well and stay safe.


Gee & Meeta

MGRM Muay Thai

Updated: 19/03/2020

Following the announcement on 18th March 2020 of school closures from the Government, the facilities at Oaks Park will be closed from the evening of Sunday 22nd March 2020 at 11.00pm until further notice. In accordance with this we will be pausing all of our Muay Thai classes for all students after Sunday 22nd March 2020. We will keep you all updated once we hear of any changes from our facilities management team.


The class days and times for the remainder of this week are as follows:

Friday 20/03/2020 – CLOSED
                                     Adults 7.30pm to 8.30pm

Sunday 22/03/2020 – OPEN
                                       Beginners 9.00am to 10.00am
                                       Intermediate 10.00am to 11.00am
                                       Pad work 11.00am to 11.45am


If you feel that you want to come along to any of these classes, please ensure that you are well enough to do so. If you feel unwell then we request you stay away, rest and seek medical advice or attention.


We understand that many of you will be following the Government’s advice on social distancing, which we encourage. If you are well enough to do so, in order to maintain your fitness and stay healthy during this time you can continue practicing and training with what you already know carefully in a safe and practical environment. Alternatively if you feel unwell, we implore that you rest and take the necessary precautions and action to aid your recovery.


You are always able to refer back to the website or the Public Health England Blog to check on how the issue are currently being managed and the steps needed if you are or become unwell with the Covid-19 symptoms.


Public Health England Blog


Thank you for your patience during this period and we look forward to welcoming you back to our classes soon.

Gee & Meeta
MGRM Muay Thai

Updated: 17/03/2020

Our classes and facilities are currently still operating as normal, in the light of recent Government advice given on 16th March 2020 regarding social distancing. We always advise that customers and the general public should follow official health advice, particularly if they fall into the categories at increased risk, including the over 70s, those under 70 with underlying health conditions, and pregnant women.


The advice is given for guidance and the school’s facilities remain open at present.


We are monitoring this rapidly-changing situation, and engaged in constant dialogue with the school's facilities management group, and will update our advice regularly.

Please see this link for the official government advice to individuals:

Updated: 07/03/2020

As you will be aware, the Coronavirus (Covid-19) is a significant public health issue at the moment. We are keen to play our part in helping to prevent the spread of all respiratory infections including COVID-19.  

With this in mind, we are bringing in new guidelines, which will be followed until either the risk has passed, or the authorities issue new guidance. We will, of course, keep you informed of developments as we become aware of them.  


As our activity will take place within an educational establishment, we would ask you to read the following document: 

This is a comprehensive document, much of which relates specifically to schools themselves. The key points we would like you to be aware of are: 

What to do if you or a member of your family has travelled from any  Category 1 specified country/area  in the past 14 days:

  • If an individual falls into this category, contact NHS 111 for further advice: 

  • If they are currently well, they should self-isolate for 14 days and you should follow the advice as above for contacts of confirmed cases in the educational setting 

  • If they become unwell please call NHS 111 immediately for them to be assessed by an appropriate specialist. You should follow the advice as above for contacts of confirmed cases in the educational establishment. If they require emergency medical attention, call 999 and tell the call handler or ambulance control that the person has a history of recent travel to risk areas for COVID-19 

What to do if a member of your group has travelled from a  Category 2 specified country/area  in the last 14 days:


If they are currently well: 

  • they are advised to self-isolate only if they develop symptoms 

  • they can continue to attend our classes

  • they do not need to avoid contact with other people 

  • their family do not need to take any precautions or make any changes to their own activities 

  • testing people with no symptoms for COVID-19 is currently not recommended 

  • it is useful to always take a mobile phone with them when they go out so that they can contact others if they do become unwell 

If they become unwell:

  • they should stay indoors and avoid contact with other people as they would with other flu viruses (see this  home isolation advice sheet). 

  • they (or a family member, colleague or member of staff) should call NHS 111 immediately for them to be assessed by an appropriate specialist, as quickly as possible 

  • they should stay at home and should not attend any of our classes 

  • they should not go directly to their GP or other healthcare environment 

  • if they require emergency medical attention, call 999 and tell the call handler or ambulance control that the person has a history of recent travel to risk areas for COVID-19 

  • see  further information  and the Public Health England Blog 

What to do if a member of our group returns from travel anywhere else in the world within the last 14 days:

  • Currently there are minimal cases outside the risk areas and therefore the likelihood of an individual coming into contact with a confirmed case is low. 

  • There is no need to avoid normal activities or educational settings unless they have had contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19. 

If individuals are aware that they have had close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 they should contact NHS 111 for further advice. 

For the latest country specific information please visit  NaTHNac Travel Pro

It is important that you notify a member of our team, or contact if a member of our group, who has visited the school in the last 14 days, has a suspected or confirmed case of Coronavirus. We will need to advise the school and take appropriate steps. 


The school's facilities management group are bringing in several new measures, to help protect you, our staff and the school. 

These include: 


Together, we can help to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and other respiratory infections and we very much appreciate your cooperation.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 

Gee & Meeta
MGRM Muay Thai

NOTE: Information supplied and provided by Schools Plus, and Travel Health Pro


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