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We’ve been delivering Muay Thai training to all genders, adults and children since 2004 and have produced many instructors and fighters who are regularly at the forefront of events we participate in, upholding the MGRM Muay Thai way. ​


We continually deliver quality training in a safe and friendly environment, with first aiders on site and fully enhanced DBS checks for all of our Instructors.  Our equipment is provided by our partner DUO GEAR, a supplier of high quality Muay Thai Boxing equipment.​



  • To Instruct and provide a professional standard of Muay Thai to the whole community, with equal opportunities for all

  • To provide the best possible service to all MGRM Muay Thai members

  • To encourage members to maintain a high level of professional learning and attitude towards their fellow members

  • To promote good practice at all of our training sessions


Each training session is delivered in a safe and friendly environment. We train all levels from beginners to experienced students who might have one or a range of goals - whether you are a novice with no knowledge of combat sports, someone who is looking to simply keep fit or learn self-defence or someone who wants to pursue Muay Thai as a competitive sport. 


​Each session varies depending on the level of experience, for example a beginner session will be suited for beginners who have zero or minimal experience with combat sports or martial arts, a kids session is designed for children and a mixed ability session is suited to anyone with some experience and wants to challenge their fitness.

​For Adults

The adult sessions are designed for 18years+ and include a warm-up, stretching, technique work/pad work, some light sparring (this is optional) and core training, occasionally with equipment such as medicine balls or light free weights. The sessions provide:

  • a total body workout

  • high-calorie burning workouts

  • stress relief

  • body toning 

  • core strength development

  • strength building


For Kids

Our kids sessions are designed around the activities that are needed to develop Muay Thai skills for children. A session includes a warm-up, stretching, technique work/pad work, fun and games fitness, all delivered in an engaging way.  Your child will learn the ABC’s of life: Attitude, Behaviour, Character, as well as:


  • developing self-discipline

  • improving self-confidence and self-esteem

  • training as part of a group

  • improved focus and concentration

  • increased flexibility and co-ordination

  • teaching self-defence skills


So if you want to train in a safe and friendly environment, you'll fit right in. If you have an ego leave it at home. We'll help find the most suitable session and help shape your lifestyle both mentally and physically to a new fitter, tougher and stronger you.


For more information about our sessions or to book in for a first session you can contact us

MGRM Muay Thai 

Sports Gym

(Oaks Lane entrance)

Oaks Park High School

Oaks Lane, Newbury Park, Essex, IG2 7PR

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