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Each training session is delivered in a safe and friendly environment. We train all levels from beginners to experienced students who might have one or a range of goals - whether you are a novice with no knowledge of combat sports, someone who is looking to simply keep fit or learn self-defence or someone who wants to pursue Muay Thai as a competitive sport. 


​Each session varies depending on the level of experience, for example a beginner session will be suited for beginners who have zero or minimal experience with combat sports or martial arts, a kids session is designed for children and a mixed ability session is suited to anyone with some experience and wants to challenge their fitness.

​For Adults


The adult sessions are designed for 18years+ and include a warm-up, stretching, technique work/pad work, some light sparring (this is optional) and core training, occasionally with equipment such as medicine balls or light free weights. The sessions provide:

  • a total body workout

  • high-calorie burning workouts

  • stress relief

  • body toning 

  • core strength development

  • strength building


For Kids


Our kids sessions are designed around the activities that are needed to develop Muay Thai skills for children. A session includes a warm-up, stretching, technique work/pad work, fun and games fitness, all delivered in an engaging way.  Your child will learn the ABC’s of life: Attitude, Behaviour, Character, as well as:


  • developing self-discipline

  • improving self-confidence and self-esteem

  • training as part of a group

  • improved focus and concentration

  • increased flexibility and co-ordination

  • teaching self-defence skills


For more information about our sessions or to book in for a first session you can contact us


MGRM Muay Thai 

Sports Gym, (Oaks Lane entrance) Oaks Park High School, Oaks Lane, Newbury Park, IG2 7PR

Times & Prices


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*Prices start from £9 per session for a weekly subscription. **Online booking price is £10.50 per session for anyone. Log in required to book sessions. Sign up to create a log in account.

MGRM Muay Thai 

Sports Gym

(Oaks Lane entrance)

Oaks Park High School

Oaks Lane, Newbury Park, Essex, IG2 7PR

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